My life has always revolved around food.

What's Cooking?

As a kid, I couldn’t focus in school. The only place I really felt inspired was in the kitchen, where my grandmother took me by the hand and shared all of her culinary wisdom.

Flash forward and my love for food has only grown stronger. I’ve had the privilege of eating all over the world, working in Michelin-star kitchens and competing on MasterChef alongside other amazing cooks. Now, I want to share everything I’ve ever learned with all of you. But first, let me tell you a little bit more about how I got here.

1996 - Grandma DiGiovanni, the OG

My love for cooking started as a kid in the kitchen, where I watched my grandmother and great-grandmother cook all sorts of incredible meals.

2003 - Picking Up The Knife

I first began experimenting in the kitchen through pancakes, where I’d add all sorts of creative spins such as orange zest and maple crumbles.

2012 - Professional Cooking Camp 

I cooked all throughout my childhood. My first professional training was at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. 

2014 - My First Restaurant Job 

I found my first restaurant job in the kitchen at Al Forno, a homestyle Italian restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island famous for its grilled pizza.

2016 - College Cooking

During my time in college I worked at Waypoint, a costal-inspired restaurant just up the road from my dorm.

2017 - Working at Benu

Partway through college, I landed a summer internship under Chef Corey Lee. I worked at his Michelin 3-star restaurant in San Francisco specializing in Korean-American cuisine. 

2018 - Competing on MasterChef

I completely left school in the middle of my senior year of college when I got the opportunity to compete on MasterChef. I ended up coming in 3rd place as the youngest finalist in show history. 

2019 - Moving on from School

During college I created my own major called “Food and Climate” — Harvard’s first-ever “food”-related major. In a different way than before, I combined cooking and school.

2020 - My First Cooking Video

The first instructional cooking video I ever posted was how to cook a steak. It was perfect medium-rare 😄

And today...

I'm so grateful to continue doing what I love every day by making content for all of you. And I can promise you that tomorrow, I'll get up and cook some more.

Wanna know even more?

Streamy Award

Still in disbelief that I won YouTube's Streamy award for top food creator in 2023

5 Billion Views

You guys watched my videos over 5 billion (yes, with a b) times last year

Farmlink First

I've always been very conscious about the environment, so I partnered with Farmlink

Pesto and Pepper

Two of my best friends have paws, and you should follow them on Instagram too

Guinness World Records

Proud owner of multiple world records...with more on the way

Persian-Italian Roots

I try to make everything I cook in some way connected with my heritage

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